Zouvindara Soays for sale - October 2019

We still have a few entire males available: two year olds (born 2017); and yearlings (born 2018) photographs are below.
This years lambs are now ready but it looks as if all of the females have already been spoken for. Here are a few examples.
If anyone is interested please contact us for more details and photographs. All the adults have been Birth Notified with the RBST and we will register them if the new owners require it, the lambs will be BN'd very soon.
PLEASE NOTE that all prices that we quote here and elsewhere are exclusive of registration charges which are levied by the RBST. We will always issue an invoice for the sale and for full transparency the registration charges will be shown separately on the invoice.

Brice, Brakkan and Beauregard
all three together
Zouvindara Brakkan b. 2017
A very well grown male with a bright coat, full brother to our retained Alexander (who has his own lambs this year)
(Quarry Barney - Saintbury Bluebell).
Zouvindara Brice b. 2017
Another well grown male, very dark but still with Mouflon countershading if you look closely
(Quarry Barney - Gilfach Delia).
Zouvindara Beauregard b. 2017
Another male from a Saintbury female, quite similar to Brakkan
(Quarry Barney - Saintbury Roseroot).
Zouvindara Charles b. 2018
Charles is a little smaller than his older brother Brakkan (above) but this was probably due to the bad (in our case very dry and poor grass) weather in 2018 but otherwise he is a fine young male and very friendly. And he does have a rather distinctive coat.
(Quarry Barney - Saintbury Bluebell).
And this year's lambs
A general collection of lambs
A very nice young male, not really pied but with a very distinctive head
(Quarry Barney - Zouvindara Alyssa)
A nice friendly young male, but I had to hold the camera for the selfie
(Quarry Barney - Saintbury Epernay)
the male from above with his twin brother
(Quarry Barney - Saintbury Epernay)
Dieppe's twin females
(Zouvindara Alexander - Saintbury Dieppe)

More details to follow - updated 15/10/19

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